Iranian Studies in Canada

If you’re thinking about taking the time to do a course on Iranian studies, nowhere on the planet should spring to your mind as fast as Canada’s University of Toronto does. With a world renowned department in the field, the University of Toronto has been involved in the study of Iran, the culture, the people and so forth, since the mid 1960s. So there is really no better place equipped to teach one all they could desire to know about the vast and rich subject of Iran and its people.

In fact the university people involved in this extensive work are so passionate about it, that they formed their own organization, The Iranian Association at the University of Toronto. Through community events and social gatherings, the group aims to educate fellow Canadians, both on and off campus, about the vast cultural history and significance Iran has had on the world.

The group not only give resoundingly informative lectures, but they put on historical plays involving Iran’s spectacular heritage. While wanting to work together with the community to encourage preservation of what used to be and working with Iranian citizens to bring about all that tomorrow has on offer. On top of all that, they also offer educational assistance and support for those interested in the field of Iranian studies in Canada.

Students at the University of Toronto are invited, with open arms, to take classes on Iranian culture and history. With education programs crafted to capture the students’ minds, enticing them to throw around new ideas as they ponder everything from democracy and freedom to life and death. Teachers aim to give the students all the tools they’ll ever need, so they can venture into all parts of the wild Iranian landscape and find new insights into areas so far under thought of and under studied. The super passionate few, hopefully even unearthing whole new areas of untapped culture, as their research is 100% supported by encouraging staff and peers.

Areas that have been of profound interest to staff at the University of Toronto in recent years include Iranian history, Iran’s language and literature, religion and philosophy, archaeology and art history. The staff have done such an amazing job in their research and findings into the region, that the university made the decision to expand the area of Iranian studies to encompass the entire geographic Middle East region.

Cultural Iranian and Middle Eastern studies, now one of Canada’s most unique areas of expertise, a new, Department of Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations at Toronto University, has been named with the hopes to continue on the prestigious work done by the previous scholars, students and ongoing peers.

So if historical relevance of vast cultures and terrain, in the Middle East area, are of any interest to you, it would be well worth your while attending one of the recurring information classes or lecture evenings often held by the University of Toronto. Not only will you get a chance to network with like minded people thinking about taking up full time study at the university, but it will give you the opportunity to meet professors and lecturers currently working in the industry. And if you come equipped with a few zinger questions, you’ll see for yourself how much fun can be had learning about cultures so different to our own.

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